Modern Loss in the News

A few of our appearances around the web and beyond!


Navigating Grief When a Creative Role Model Passes Away
99U, February 2020

Rebecca Soffer interviewed by Kara Goldin
‘Unstoppable’ podcast, February 2020

‘With deepest sympathy: The complications of coping with grief’
CBS Sunday Morning, November 2019

Changing Attitudes Toward Death: Health Care, Grief and End-of-Life Planning
WDET Detroit Public Radio, October 2019

‘Modern Loss’ co-author Rebecca Soffer talks humor and grief at Literati Bookstore
The Michigan Daily, April 2019

6 Ways To Make the Holidays Fun, or at Least Bearable, After Losing a Loved One, December 2017

Women Get Real About Grief
Cosmopolitan’s Happy Hour podcast, October 2016

Rebecca Soffer in Randi Zuckerberg’s “#52Women52Weeks” LinkedIn series

LinkedIn, August 2016

Modern Loss on “The Texas Standard”
NPR’S KUT Austin, May 2016

9 Things You Should Never Say to a Grieving Person
Real Simple, March 2016

The Rural We
Rural Intelligence, July 2015

NYC Storytelling Event Hears Tales of Lost Loved Ones
The Wall Street Journal, June 2015

“The Bloomberg Advantage”: interview with Rebecca Soffer and Vonnie Quinn
Bloomberg Radio, February 2015

“For Millennials in Mourning, Grief Can Run Deep”
“The Daily Circuit,” Minnesota Public Radio, January 2015

“My Late Father’s Secret Changed the Way I Parent”
Yahoo Parenting, January 2015

“The Roundtable”: interview with Joe Donahue and Rebecca Soffer
NPR’s WAMC Northeast Public Radio, January 2015

Modern Mourning: an interview with Meghan O’Rourke, Rebecca Soffer and Caleb Wilde
NPR’s “Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane,” November 2014

Mourning in America: A New Internet Way of Remembering the Long-Departed
The Washington Post, October 2014

CIW Q&A: Living loss out loud with Modern Loss’s Rebecca Soffer
The Chicago Tribune, October 2014

Social Media Shaped Events After Student’s Death
The Greenville News, September 2014

Changing the Experience
The Style Line, September 2014

Tears and Tequila Talks: A Conversation with Modern Loss Founders Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner
Tears and Tequila, September 2014

HBO Documentary ‘The (Dead Mothers) Club’ Looks at Daughters Left Behind
Newsweek, May 2014

Turning to Social Media to Share News of Death
The Boston Globe, April 2014

An Online Generation Redefines Mourning
The New York Times, March 2014

Mourning Online: The Website Modern Loss Offers a Fresh Perspective on Grief
Psychology Today, March 2014

A Younger Generation Finds a New Place To Talk About Mourning
Tablet Magazine, January 2014

Meet the Women Who Change the Ratio
Elle Magazine, January 2014

In the Grip of Grief
The Dish, January 2014

Virtual Mourning
Everyday Health, December 2013

A New Website That Gets Real About Grief
Kveller, December 2013

Modern Loss, From Those Who Know It
Forward, November 2013

This Post Is Important, So Please Read It
Mammalingo, November 2013

Modern Loss, A Community Support Site To Help People Deal With Loss In Nontraditional Ways
Laughing Squid, November 2013

We’re Not Very Honest About Grief. A New Website Wants to Change That.
Slate, November 2013